Urban Planning

Strategic urban planning is fundamental in the development of any community and society. Having worked with client's ranging from under-developed to fully-developed countries, we have extensive experience in aiding urban development.

We regularly source and supply the following products:
  • Bitumen
  • Road Marking Paint and Beads
  • Transportation Ticketing Machines and related consumables
  • Control testing equipment
  • Supply and Installation of Weighbridges
  • Fenders and Buoys
  • Wire and Nylon Ropes

If you would like to discuss your specific product requirements in further detail, we can create a bespoke sourcing and procurement solution.

For more information and insight, kindly get in touch with our team of professionals.


“ShearGold is one of our most valued suppliers we work with” - Nigeria

ShearGold Ltd | Specialist Procurement & Sourcing Organisation

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ShearGold Ltd | Specialist Procurement & Sourcing Organisation