Power and electricity is an essential component to each and every country, it affects the nation on a day to day basis. The effective use and continuous running of this sector is therefore crucial.

ShearGold has expanded partnerships to help maintain this sector in a number of developing countries.

We regularly source and supply the following products:
  • Power Cables and Conductors
  • Overhead Line Accessories
  • Transformers and Switchgear
  • Branded Generators and related Spares
  • Industrial Batteries and Charger Systems
  • Fuses, Fuse Cut Outs and Fuse Links
  • Energy and Electricity Meters

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“They always deliver goods of the highest quality” - Zambia

ShearGold Ltd | Specialist Procurement & Sourcing Organisation

“Their sourcing ability cannot be faulted, always exceeding our expectations” - Botswana

ShearGold Ltd | Specialist Procurement & Sourcing Organisation