Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we are dedicated to making a positive impact on vulnerable communities both locally and internationally.

Buchenya Girls Secondary School (Sai Kanchan Tuition Block)

Since building the school from scratch we have committed ourselves to making a long term positive impact on students at Buchenya Girls Secondary School.

The school which now consists of four classrooms, a science laboratory and a computer room is situated in a remote village in Kenya educating some of the most under privileged and vulnerable girls.

We work together with the headmistress and staff at the school to continually donate learning materials, sponsoring girls and monitoring their progress to raise literacy levels and educate them so they can go on to provide for themselves and their families.

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Sai Kanchan Narayan Seva Trust

We are committed to fighting food poverty.

As part of our commitment we ensure hot meals are prepared ever Monday and distributed in Central London to those living in difficult conditions.

Food For Life, Vrindavan

Food for Life feed the poorest children and women in India to give them basic nutritional needs.

We support this charity by regularly donating nutritious lunches and dinners which consist of rice, protein, vegetables and sweets.

On any given day Food for Life will serve food to over 700 children and women.

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Jai Jinendra Charitable Foundation

With the help and advice of Kishorlal Shah, we are fortunate to be able to support the Jai Jinendra Charitable Foundation based in India.

Over the years we have undertaken various projects to support the elderly, students and those in need of basic healthcare in rural parts of this country.

The projects include:

  • Donating a school bus so local children have the infrastructure to attend school and obtain basic education
  • Donating sewing machines to widows to enable them to make a living to support their families
  • Providing basic healthcare to poor communities to rectify and recognize illness and injury at their early stages

As a company we want to support projects and charities committed to making a positive, heartfelt difference. Priority is given to those projects which are aimed at society’s most vulnerable communities and individuals.

For more information and insight, kindly get in touch with our team of professionals.


“Over the years we have built a strong & solid partnership” - Kenya

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“Their service is outstanding and of the highest quality” - Afghanistan

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