ShearGold supplies various airlines, aiding them in the repair and maintenance of their aircrafts, providing them with in-flight entertainment and refreshment supplies.

In line with this, we have been awarded contracts by various airports in Africa to supply materials needed for both major and minor maintenance schemes.

We regularly source and supply the following products:
  • Container and Baggage Carts
  • Pallet and Dollies
  • Ground Power Units and Air Starter Units
  • Various spares for ground support units
  • In Flight Entertainment and consumables
  • Runway Marking Paint and Lights
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Aircraft maintenance spares

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“They always deliver goods of the highest quality” - Zambia

ShearGold Ltd | Specialist Procurement & Sourcing Organisation

“Their sourcing ability cannot be faulted, always exceeding our expectations” - Botswana

ShearGold Ltd | Specialist Procurement & Sourcing Organisation